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I tasted this honey from someone who thinks this is food from the Gods . . . and wow, he was right! So very good I have to get some of my own.
Dania in South Dakota

There may be better honey than your tupelo somewhere on this earth, but we've never found it.
William in Minnesota

Drove past a store near Panama City, FL, bought some honey and it was the best I've ever had. Had to buy some more online. So glad you have a website for online ordering!
Rebecca in Florida

This is my second order with you, I've become a faithful customer. I'm buying Christmas presents. Your honey is wonderful! I'm from down south and Tupelo honey is a favorite treat that I missed until I found you! Thank you for making your delicious honey available, all the way up in Maine. I'm excited to share it with others -- they have no idea what they've been missing!
Pauline in Maine

My husband has stopped by and purchased honey from you on his way to and from Apalachicola. I am not a honey person, but your product has won me over. Seriously!
Jennifer in Alabama

I have this everyday with oatmeal and have tried other types of honey, but its not the same. Using this has opened my eyes to the importance of the bees and how they work. We have had a warm winter up north and the other day I saw a honey bee out and about. Its like seeing a celebrity, I love them little guys.
Mark in Mississippi

I have been buying your honey for 3 years.Pick it up every year whan we go to Panama. This year the place we always get it said they didn't carry it anymore,but had a better brand!Told them thanks,but no thanks,I knew what Smiley was and it was the best. And would go home and pay the extra shipping to get the best!
George in Tennessee

Honey arrived today !! WOW ! tried it just by itself. Such a nice light floral (can't think of another description) taste and finish. And you can tell it does not have that 'too sweet' taste that some honey has. After trying yours, I tasted some honey that a friend of mine in NW Missouri sent me from his hives. While his is much better than most store bought honey, you can really taste the difference, while his is very good, it is a stronger and a little heaver and a little sweeter taste than yours.
Ron in Nevada

Thank you for your prompt shipping, and secure packaging, as I safely received my California-bound order placed Wednesday afternoon on Saturday. And I can not speak highly enough of the honey...I have never had any quite like it and am thoroughly enjoying it. Much appreciation for the experience!
David in California

A co-worker brought back a 2 oz. jar of your honey from a recent trip. I did not think I would notice the difference from any other honey but I did!
Cindy in Arkansas

I wanted to thank you for this (and previous) orders. I have started using the honey to replace sugar in many of my recipes, give to friends and family as a special gift, and, because it doesn't crystallize, as an emergency food source. But most of all I love the taste! This is by far the best honey I have ever had. Please keep up the good work!
Scott in Ohio

I've ordered from you before. Best honey I've ever tasted. Both my daughter and I love it straight from the jar!
Carol in Tennessee

Your honey is AWESOME!! I Love it. It is the best honey I have ever had. I use it in tea on fruit or just pile it on a spoon and eat it. Thanks for your dedication to do the very best at what you do!!!
Michael in California

First tried your Honey at the Tupelo Honey Cafe in Ashville. I love honey and this was the best I've ever had. Can't wait to share it with friends and family.
Gene in Indiana

I purchased two 3 lb. bottles of your excellent Tupelo Honey a few months ago, and have recommended it to everyone I know. It is absolutely amazing, so delicious and fresh. Thank you so much for the pleasure we have had eating it!
Sarah in New York

I bought some in Tupelo, Mississippi and fell in love with it. I had no idea at the time that it really comes from Florida. Brought bottles home to my friends and they all love it.
Joyce in Illinois

I take tupelo honey every day for allergies and have not sneezed from hay fever or been unable to breathe for a couple of years! Plus it just tastes so good! I have turned my sisters into users and have told many friends about it.
Cynthia in Mississippi

Smiley Apiaries has the best products and the best honey in the world!
Pat in Colorado

This is the best honey I have ever tasted. I gave up sugar in my tea and now only use your honey. I have COPD and my throat gets irritated because of the inhaler I must use. Since I have replaced sugar with tupelo honey, my throat is soothed and hardly irritated at all. Tupelo Honey is truly one of life's pleasures. Thank You.
Deborah in New Jersey

We vacationed in Indian Pass this summer [2013] and bought some of your honey at a bookstore in Port St. Joe. It is delicious. We are buying more for us and a bottle for my grandfather for Christmas. He thought it was among the best honey he had ever had. Thanks and Happy Holidays.
Amy in Kentucky

The ONLY company I have bought honey from for years. Absolutely the best!
Debra in California

Yours is as good as honey gets. It was luck that led us to Smiley Apiaries the first time. Now it's product loyalty bringing us back. Thank you again for your wonderful honey.
Bert & Mathilde in Arizona

This past October [2013], we visited your area for the first time. During a fishing/boat tour of Apalachicola Bay and the surrounding waterways, our captain, Jimmy Maxwell introduced us to TUPELO HONEY. We purchased family gifts while visiting and now are all hooked on Tupelo Honey . . . hook, line and sinker! M-m-m Good!
Cindy in California

Been buying for years - love your tupelo honey. Best honey I found anywhere!
Brad in Texas

Your tupelo honey is the best I've ever had and my wife loves your orange blossom honey.
Tim in Tennessee

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