Tupelo Triple Play

Tupelo Triple Play Three selections of our delicious tupelo honey. A glass jar with a generous chunk of tupelo honey comb, suspended in tupelo honey (one pound total weight). A one pound plastic squeeze bottle of tupelo. And a twelve ounce plastic honey bear filled with tupelo honey. A great gift for someone who might be trying tupelo for the first time, or for a serious tupelo honey lover who needs a generous re-supply. We also include a card explaining why tupelo honey is so special.

Available in the Following Quantities:

One Triple Play* $25.00
Two Triple Plays* $48.00
Four Triple Plays $95.00
* = This item qualifies for flat rate and International shipping.

Special Note:

The above quantities are pre-selected for optimal shipping configurations to try and save you money. Price shown above does not include shipping rates

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