12 oz. Tupelo Honey Bear

12 oz. Tupelo Honey Bear Tupelo honey is a true premium product: tupelo groves are located in only a few places in Georgia and Florida, and the trees are in bloom for just a short period of time each year. Once the tupelo has stopped blooming for the year, so has all possible production of this honey variety. Our tupelo honey has a bright floral flavor that dissolves easily on the tongue, and a dewy freshness that contrasts starkly with over-processed grocery store honey. Each bottle contains 12 ounces (net weight) of our wonderful tupelo honey.

Available in the Following Quantities:

Four 12 oz. Honey Bears* $24.00
Six 12 oz. Honey Bears* $35.00
Eight 12 oz. Honey Bears* $46.00
Ten 12 oz. Honey Bears* $58.00
Twelve 12 oz. Honey Bears* $68.00
* = This item qualifies for flat rate and International shipping.

Special Note:

The above quantities are pre-selected for optimal shipping configurations to try and save you money. Price shown above does not include shipping rates

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