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At Smiley Apiaries we offer several varieties of honey, including the highly desired Tupelo Honey.  In addition to Tupelo, we offer Holly, Orange Blossom and Wildflower Honey. We do our own processing and packaging to guarantee that our customers get real, raw and pure honey.

We do not blend our Tupelo, Holly and Orange Blossom Honey with other varieties, or process it in a way that would change the flavor and color or alter the nutritional value. Our Wildflower Honey contains pollen and nectar from over a dozen different trees, shrubs and flowers - but we don't blend it, the bees do.  All of our honey is sold exactly as the bees made it -- raw, unfiltered and unheated.   It is as pure and natural as honey can be.

While pure tupelo honey will not crystalize, it is impossible to get 100% pure tupelo. Bees do love tupelo blossom nectar, but if other plants are in bloom at the same time, then bees will visit them.  In past years, our tupelo honey has ranged from 75% to 95% tupelo nectar.  It is still 100% PURE honey, but once the tupelo content falls below 85%, some crystalization may occur.  If this happens, just put the honey bottle in warm water (100 degrees or so) for a while and it will re-liquefy.

We take great pride in offering the finest quality honey available anywhere. All of our honey is sold by weight, not volume. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are not completely satisfied with our product, you may return it for a full refund.
NOTICE: Do not feed raw honey to infants under 1 year old. 

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